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Sowing the seeds of cooperation

A garden that will benefit a local church broke ground last wee

A garden that will benefit a local church broke ground last week.

Coast Realty Group has helped build and organize a garden in its backyard for next-door neighbour Radiant Life Church.

Fourteen wooden boxes full of fresh soil will be planted with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables starting this week.

There is also a compost area.

“The garden will be for the Radiant Life Church’s lunch program through winter and summer,” says Roy Grant, a realtor with Coast Realty and city councillor.

The lunch program, which runs Saturday and Sunday, typically serves 75 people per day who are grateful for produce.

“They don’t get a lot of that stuff and they love fresh vegetables,” says Radiant Life Pastor Art Van Holst. “We loved that Coast Realty came to us with this proposal.”

Van Holst said he would like to see the people who use the lunch program, and some of the church’s congregation, maintain and grow the garden.

“We would like to see some of them help, whether it be low-income families with children or seniors, who use the lunch program,” he says.

Coast Realty approached Radiant Life Church with the idea of the garden about three months ago and warm weather last week finally allowed construction of the garden to get underway.

Although there are community gardens on Dogwood Street and in Willow Point, this type of garden is a first among Campbell River businesses.

“No other company is doing this, we’re leading the way,” says Grant.

Materials such as wood, soil and equipment were donated by: DADS Homes, Wacor Holdings, Glen Eagle subdivision, RJR Developments and Catalyst.