Robert Hrechuk of Campbell River has some fun on a Mt. Adrian sidehill during last Sunday's Snowarama.

Sledders come through again for Easter Seals

North Island Snowmobile Association raises more than $6,000 for BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities

For the record, Wes Schopp was NOT the big winner at Snowarama.

True, Schopp did claim five door prizes – much to the chagrin of fellow snowmobilers – but the true winner was the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities.

Approximately 120 sledders headed up to Mt. Adrian last Sunday where the North Island Snowmobile Association hosted the annual fundraiser from their cozy cabin headquarters.

And this year more than $6,000 was raised by club members who have raised over $125,000 since their first ride in 1978. Over that time, snowmobile clubs across B.C. have raised in excess of $4 million to support children with disabilities.

“Compared to other clubs in B.C., we are a small club,” said Chris Steffens, president of the North Island club. “The success of this event shows we have a lot of heart though. We have friends, family and local businesses that come out to support our event each year and we appreciate it…and it’s all about the kids.”

The Lions Society use the funds to help support the Easter Seal Houses and Easter Seal Camps, frequently visited by local kids.

“In 2012, there was 467 bed nights spent at the Easter Seals Houses by Campbell River families,” said Donegal Wilson, spokesperson for the BC Snowmobile Federation. “If these families had been able to find a cheap hotel, say at $125 a night, it would have cost them collectively $58,375. Also, 17 kids from Campbell River attended camp in 2012.”