The staff at Pinecrest School made heart messages to the students and community to offer hope and encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families can walk by and see messages from the teachers. Photo courtesy Linda Spooner – Pinecrest Elementary

Show us your positive messages, gestures and actions

Pinecrest teachers send message to their school community

Hey, Campbell River and area, in these turbulent times, we see and hear of many acts of positive messaging and support.

The teachers at Pinecrest School, for example, made just such a gesture (pictured).

It would be nice to showcase some of the gestures people are making in their neighbourhoods – signs of encouragement, messages of hope and gestures of gratitude. They’re all out there and we’ve posted some of the ones we’ve come across but it would be nice to run a whole bunch of them together just for the sake of passing on some good vibes.

HERE’S ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Roadside message of gratitude erected

Send us pictures of gestures of goodwill in your neighbourhood or that you come across in your trips around town (albeit socially-distanced travels for necessary items). You can post them to our Facebook page or email them to We’ll post a slideshow of them on our website and publish a selection of them in Wednesday’s paper.

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