River City Cycle Club members Dave Brown and Rupert Love working on trail.

SHARE THE ROAD: Little elves in Snowden Forest keep trails clear

Much volunteer work goes into maintaining the trails by the club members

By Steve Nagle

Have you ever wondered when you are out in Snowden Forest riding, hiking or running, just who built and maintains the trails there?

That task has been assigned to our local bike club – The River City Cycle Club – who have a partnership agreement with BC Parks (Elk Falls) and Recreation Sites and Trails BC,  and are the official Stewards of the Snowden Forest Trails.

Much volunteer work goes into maintaining the trails by the club members. Currently there are 55 members of the club and over 100 days of maintenance are logged each year by many active members who work at many aspects of trail maintenance. There is a lot more to trail building and maintenance than simply moving dirt, boulders and cutting down trees. These members have taken training courses administered by IMBA – The International Mountain Biking Association who have strict guidelines and standards for trail building. These trail systems must serve the needs of multiple user groups and take environmental and geographical factors into account, minimizing user conflict and environmental damage.

How can you help? Volunteers are always required but in order to help with trail work but to be covered by liability insurance, you must be a member of the club. Memberships are currently at $50 per year for a full member but supporting memberships are available for only $20 per year which is ideal if you can’t volunteer, don’t have time to ride or work on trails. With the money, the club buys, supplies, tools and equipment required to do the work. Check out their website at www.rivercitycycle.ca

As far as the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands are concerned, Greenways Land Trust, a local conservation organization have partnership agreements to look after the trails and streams, and work with many local Stewardship groups including the RCCC.  Again, memberships are available for only $20 per year and new members are always welcome. Becoming a member and volunteering your time shows a commitment by you to look after some very special places in this very beautiful part of the world. More information at www.greenwaystrust.ca

That’s it for this week, ride safe.

Steve can be found at www.outdooraddictions.ca