Shake off the winter blues

The North Island Mood Disorders group is open to all and a great way to nurture that natural feeling of hope and rebirth

Need help dealing with your mood disorder?

Shake off those winter blues and make spring a time of hope.

Try the North Island Mood Disorders group every Monday at 5 p.m.

Those who suffer from mood disorders, including depression, bipolar and anxiety disorder, often report that winter is the darkest time of year.

The isolation and short days not only keep us from enjoying the natural healing benefits of the sun, it also leaves us all too vulnerable to the devastating emotional impact of our depression and anxiety. Some of these “winter blues” are certainly due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a very real and debilitating form of depression, but more commonly these feelings are just part of a natural cycle that leaves many suffering.

With spring now upon us, many are beginning to feel like the worst may be over and it is now finally time to emerge from hibernation. Unfortunately, this season may often prove to be another very difficult experience.

Early spring is statistically the cruelest of seasons, with the highest rate of suicide, as people struggle to find a viable path out of the darkness. If this is the case, the North Island Mood Disorders group might provide you with an opportunity to share your difficult struggle and help you shake off those lingering blues.

The group meets at The BC Schizophrenic Society office at 850-E 12th Ave every Monday. It is designed to give people suffering from mood disorders a chance to feel less alone and discuss new possibilities for better treating a variety of mental health issues.

The group is open to all and a great way to nurture that natural feeling of hope and rebirth.