Rotary Director Cathy Kaardal (far right) hands over a cheque to cover registration fees to Scouts Canada representative Casey Swanson. Kneeling at far right is SFL Teacher Robynne Fraser

Rotary does a good turn for Scouting

Special needs Scouts of Campbell River's Southgate Scouting Troop can continue to earn the badges

Thanks to a $2,400 donation by the Rotary Club of Campbell River, the special needs Scouters of the Southgate Scouting Troop can continue to earn the badges that they have been working on since September.

There are 18 full-time Scouts in the troop, as well as three other students who participate when they can. All are special needs students and, as such, are not able to fundraise in the usual ways. The Rotary Club’s donation will cover the registration fees for all the students. The Scouting Program gives the opportunity for the students to make connections with individuals and organizations in the community and is an incredible way for people in the community who have skills and expertise to teach and pass on that knowledge. The Scouting program also teaches important survival skills and students have already completed the Hug a Tree Program which teaches the students what they need to do to survive if they get lost in the forest.

The students have been working toward and earning a number of badges through some of the electives that they are taking through the regular school program, and through the Skills for Life Program (cooking, photography, computers, recycling, pioneering, swimming, special needs awareness, pet care, etc.). At this time, all of the students have all earned at least four badges – and some as many as eight.

The Rotary Club of Campbell River has a long history with Scouting in Campbell River, going all the way back to 1947 when the club cleared the land and began construction of the Scout Hall. In 1962 the club contributed a further $2,500 to help with the renovation of the hall.