Quadra Feral Cat Group attains registered charity status, in time for kitten season

People donating funds to the Quadra Feral Cat Group can now get a receipt for income tax purposes

People donating funds to the Quadra Feral Cat Group can now get a receipt for income tax purposes.

“The timing couldn’t be better to achieve charitable status since we’ve received news that rates for surgery for the feral cats and kittens have increased by up to 60 per cent,” says the group’s treasurer, Janet Massey.

With kitten season about to start, volunteers will have their hands full trapping and fixing the parent cats and looking for adoptive homes for the kittens, who will also be spayed or neutered.

The Quadra Feral Cat Group (QFCG) has fixed more than 120 cats since they began their efforts to reduce the number of homeless cats on Quadra in March 2009, and many of these cats and kittens have been placed in homes.

QFCG depends on foster homes that socialize the cats and kittens that can be tamed and adopted.

QFCG is also putting out a call for more volunteers. The group’s foster and adoption coordinator plans to move away from Quadra later this year, and is willing to train a new person if someone volunteers to take on this role.

QFCG reminds cat owners that February is spay-neuter month, and urges pet owners to have cats spayed or neutered to help slow the island’s cat population growth as much as possible. QFCG encourages anyone with a cat about to give birth to ensure the kittens go to responsible homes and are spayed/neutered so they won’t add to the abandoned cat problem.

Quadra Feral Cat Group can be reached via telephone  at 250-285-3942 or by e-mail at quadraferalcats@yahoo.com. QFCG thanks the community for continued support. Donations can be made directly to the group, through Tru Value Spirit Board points at both Heriot Bay and Quathiaski Cove stores, at the Quadra Coastal Community Credit Union or in change cans on local store counters.