Police tickets such as these enforce positive behaviours in the community.

Police tickets support positive behaviour between youth, community and business

Positive Ticketing Program is building a rapport between demographics

One of the proactive initiatives that is proving to be very effective in building rapport with persons, specifically youth is a Positive Ticketing Program.

Positive Tickets are an avenue or tool that has been utilized by the RCMP to initiate relationships between youth, the community and local businesses.

Positive Tickets are donated by local businesses and organizations in the community and administered by members of the Campbell River RCMP Detachment when appropriate.

Positive Tickets come in the form of gift certificates, passes, or discounts.

A person may receive a Positive Ticket from an officer for any number of positive behaviors, for example:

  • To recognize youth for practicing personal safety such as wearing bicycle helmets.
  • nDoing various good deeds.
  • Participating in community activities.
  • Demonstrating community pride such as picking up trash.
  • Deterring crime.
  • To establish a rapport with kids.

The intention of the program is to reinforce positive behavior exhibited by the person, by offering something of value.

The RCMP initiated the Positive Ticketing Program at the beginning of the summer and actively distributed them throughout the summer and it has proven to be very successful and will continue into this upcoming school year.

Supporting the program locally are Booster Juice, 7-Eleven, Royal Coachmen/Mudslingers, Action Source for Sports, A&W, Campbell River Bowling, Subway, Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex, Centennial Pool/Sportsplex, McDonalds, Quality Foods, Dairy Queen, Walmart and James K Photography.

Anyone who would like to help out, can call the RCMP Crime Prevention Section at 250-286-5618.