Christy Vanden travelled to Greece and Turkey with North Island College in 2013. The college has two spaces and $1

NIC offers students trip to Greece

North Island College (NIC) is looking for two more students who would like $1,500 to travel to Greece this spring

North Island College (NIC) is looking for two more students who would like $1,500 to travel to Greece this spring.

Two spaces are still available for this May to travel to the 2015 Field School in Crete.

The trip is an educational adventure to Crete’s historic sites where students practice their writing skills and travel in time with expert instructors Anne Cumming and Jim Anderson.

“I will always remember this amazing trip with knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring professors who showed us a world beyond our own, opening our eyes and making it possible for all of us to come home as changed human beings,” said Christy Vanden, who travelled to Greece and Turkey with NIC in 2013. “We all learned something about ourselves, on whatever level, and we have all become better people.”

Students earn up to nine academic credits for English 216, Anthropology 293, and History 205 – three second-year courses, transferable to university degrees across B.C. Students may take one, two, or three courses.

The field school starts May 3 in Chania, Crete, and ends May 29 in Athens, Greece. The expected total cost, including, airfare, hotel, tuition, food and fees is approximately $6,000, with a $1,000 deposit due on registration. A second $2,300 deposit is due March 10. Together, the deposits cover hotel and travel expenses in Greece. The remaining $2,700 covers the estimated cost of student-booked airfare to Greece, food, museums, and archeological sites.

“Many students wanted to make their own travel arrangements to Greece, so they could go to Europe before or after their studies,” said Cumming. “This gives students the most flexibility at the lowest price.”

To make the trip more affordable and recognize the value of global learning experiences, the NIC Foundation is offering $1,500 scholarships to registered study abroad students. The application deadline is February 13. For more information on the Field School, study abroad scholarships, or other international study trips available at NIC, visit