New Quadra Island Library gets some rave reviews

It's bigger, brighter, has way more materials for loan, and is a big hit with Islanders

The new Quadra Island library branch, which opened its doors at Quathiaski Cove just over a year ago, raised a few eyebrows when its first year activity report was reviewed by Rosemary Bonanno, executive director of Vancouver Island Regional Library.

“Quadra’s library usage is almost off the charts,” said Bonanno.

“The new branch is a phenomenal hit! Figures show that the number of library visitors has almost doubled, membership has risen 24 per cent, participation rates in programs have close to tripled, and computers have seen a 175 per cent increase in use.”

Jim Abram, regional director for Quadra Island, expressed his gratitude to the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board for the new library branch.

“We love our new library,” he said.

The 3,009 square foot library is more than three times the size of the old branch at Heriot Bay.

The library features an airy and bright, fully accessible community space with large windows and room for more books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, and computers. There is also a space for local art.