MARS Ambassador Owl looking for people who sew

Mountainaire Avians Rescue Society (MARS) is launching a signature line of wildlife tote bags in the name of owl ambassador Sawyer.

The tote bag features a regal saw-whet stretching to his full 17 cm, bright yellow eyes focused intently on the viewer and signed personally by him.

A beautiful, forest green faux suede completes the other side of the tote.

MARS is concerned about the cost of Sawyer’s digs at the new MARS site, said to be in the $7,000 range. They are taking action to ensure his new location will provide the same lifestyle he currently enjoys at MARS.

A recent fundraiser for MARS indicates they may have a real success on their talons after receiving orders for the elegant Sawyer tote bags.

However, as with most successes, there are challenges and it appears MARS desperately needs help with experienced sewers in their “manufacturing facility.”

New and existing volunteer sewers are promised a full materials kit cut to size, complete with signed copies of Sawyer and instructions.

Can you help?

MARS is headed in to gift giving season and want to make sure they can fill their orders.  Those interested in sewing for Sawyer or interested in getting one of his personal totes, can be reached through his email at