BC SPCA president

Local vet honoured by BC SPCA

Named in honour of one of Canada’s most dedicated animal welfare advocates

The BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has named Dr. Helen Kwong of the Merecroft Veterinary Clinic in Campbell River as the recipient of its Stu Rammage Award.

Dr. Kwong received the award, named in honour of one of Canada’s most dedicated animal welfare advocates, at the non-profit animal welfare society’s annual awards ceremony held on May 31 in Vancouver.

Dr. Kwong was presented with the prestigious award for her long-time commitment to helping animals in her community and most recently, for rallying the community of Campbell River to take action against the sudden closure of the SPCA branch.

“Our shelter in Campbell River was financially-dependent on holding a contract with the city to assist them with animal control services,” says Craig Daniell, chief executive officer of the BC SPCA. “This contract allowed the SPCA to use the city-owned shelter, but when that contract was given to another agency that offered a reduced service level, the Campbell River SPCA was left without a shelter and without sufficient resources to keep the branch going.”

Daniell says Dr. Kwong immediately took matters into her own hands and urged the community of Campbell River to take action.

“She organized a large public rally, she made a presentation to city council outlining the negative impact the loss of the SPCA would have on animals, she did media interviews and promoted a fundraising campaign to keep the SPCA in Campbell River,” Daniell says.

“We are currently working, with Dr. Kwong’s help, on options of what our new presence will look like in Campbell River.

“We are excited about our future in that city and are indebted to Dr. Kwong for taking such a strong and public stand to save the Campbell River SPCA and showing that one person can, indeed, make a profound difference.”

The Stu Rammage Award is awarded each year by the BC SPCA for an extraordinary achievement by an individual or group in the protection and care of animals.

The BC SPCA Awards Program honours both people and animals who have made outstanding contributions to animal welfare during the past year.

Recipients include veterinarians, staff, volunteers and animal heroes.