Leaving a Legacy – a seniors’ project for the winter

Seniors can leave a priceless gift when they impart their knowledge, skills and history

In this season of remembrance, we become more aware that many memories may be lost unless an effort is made to record them.

Seniors can leave a priceless gift when they impart their knowledge, skills and history as a legacy to family and friends to cherish for many years.Along with property and living wills, some seniors are now drawing ethical wills, which is the systematic writing down or communicating of one’s intangible legacy of values to children, grand-children, family members and friends.

Aging provides opportunities for learning and emotional growth that can be deep and sustaining. Creating a meaningful legacy is a key part of this developmental process.

Internationally-known geriatric expert David Solie defines a personal legacy as “the unique footprint we want to leave for our time on earth.” In his book How to Say It to Seniors,   physician and gerontologist Gene Cohen says it similarly in his book The Mature Mind, that older people are driven by an urgent desire “to find larger meaning in the story of their lives through a process of review, summarizing, and giving back.”

To help seniors celebrate their lives and memories, and start a legacy project for this winter, the Campbell River Library will be hosting a “Write Your Memoirs Workshop” on Wednesday Nov. 7, from 2-3:30 p.m., presented by Diane Hoffmann, Certified Professional Consultant on Aging. Diane will pass on tips to help get things started and keep them organized and inspired, through her “3 easy steps” method.  Participants should bring a pen and some paper for making notes.

Further information about Diane is available through her website at  www.hofron.com .

This is a free program, especially geared to seniors.  Please pre-register by calling the Campbell River Library at 250-287-3655. The Campbell River Library is located at 1240 Shoppers Row.