Know nature’s great pollinators

Now is your chance to spend a day learning about the many facets of the mason bee's life and behaviour

Back by popular demand! You’ve heard about the marvellous little creature called the mason bee, one of nature’s great pollinators.

Now is your chance to spend a day learning about the many facets of its life and behaviour, as well as how you can make the mason bee a part of your own world.

People of all ages are welcome to this two-part workshop at the Black Creek Community Centre on Saturday, Oct. 1, that will begin with an introduction to the bee and nesting tube creation; the afternoon portion of the workshop will focus on harvesting, cleaning and winter storage.

Instructor Al Morton will be returning to teach this class.

Morning Session – Intro to Mason Bees; 10 a.m. to noon.

You will cover such topics as:

  • the life cycle of our native mason bees and the importance of pollination
  • how, when, and where to start your bee colony
  • building bee houses, nesting boxes, and nesting tubes

As part of the workshop, participants will assemble 20 nesting tubes to take home.

(Lunch Break – noon – 1 p.m.)

Afternoon Session – Harvesting Cleaning and Winter Storage; 1-2 p.m.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • how to remove cocoons from tubes and from commercial plastic nesting boxes or homemade wood nesting boxes with or without tube inserts
  • cleaning and mite removal using screening, disinfectant or sand
  • how to recognize cocoons with parasites
  • cleaning of nesting boxes
  • identifying mites
  • methods of winter storage

Bring with you the screen or sieve you plan to use (if you know) and a razor knife.

Instructor, Al Morton, will bring filled tubes and nesting boxes, as well as equipment for cleaning so everyone will be able to try the various procedures.

If you wish to bring some of your own tubes, you are welcome to do so; however, due to the limited time, please bring a maximum of four tubes. If processing your own cocoons, you will need your own plastic container for screening and storing your cocoons.

For more information on class details, fees and to register, stop by the BCCA’s office or give them a call at 250-337-5190. The BCCA’s office hours are as follows: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Saturday, as well as 4-8 p.m., Monday to Thursday.

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