Kidstart: Could this child be your new best friend?

Part two of our series to about the kids waiting for a KidStart mentor

Jeffrey (whose name has been changed to protect confidentiality) is 8 years old. He is the third oldest in a family of five kids.

He is the only one who doesn’t have a KidStart mentor yet, and he is beyond excited to meet his new big buddy.

He has been watching his siblings for years going on their Kidstart visits and knows it’s the very best part of their week. He dying for his turn to come.

The Mirror will be featuring a different child twice a month in support of the program and to recruit volunteers.

Jeffrey loves Lego, cars, monster trucks, going to the playground, swimming, riding bikes, going to the beach, doing puzzles, and is never ever tired of looking at fire trucks, dump trucks and other big trucks.

He dislikes bounce-a-rama .

His favourite food is pizza and popcorn but he dislikes vegetables.

Jeffrey was referred by a family counsellor because it is a large family that struggles socioeconomically and could benefit from extra support.

His home is very loving but needs a village. Mom is very supportive of having a volunteer for her son, and wants him to have a special mentor (grandpa or uncle person) in his life to do guy stuff with.

If you or someone you know has 3 hours a week to spend time with Jeffrey, please give Tara Jordan, John Howard KidStart Coordinator a call at 250-286-0611 ext. 113 or email More information can also be found at

And if you don’t have the time but would like to support this community project monetary donations are accepted.

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