Melissa Moller’s quilts were on display for National Quilt Day in 2020. She apparently has created a lot of new quilts during COVID, so look forward to a new display this year. Photo contributed

Melissa Moller’s quilts were on display for National Quilt Day in 2020. She apparently has created a lot of new quilts during COVID, so look forward to a new display this year. Photo contributed

Join in the celebration – hang your favourite quilt on National Quilt Day

National Quilt Day 2021- a Community Celebration on March 20

Have you ever received a handmade Quilt as a gift or inherited a family quilt?

On National Quilt Day, March 20, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. you are invited to show off your special quilt(s) in a COVID-appropriate way, right in front of your own home.

Campbell River Friendship Quilt Guild members will be displaying their quilts, and hope you will join them to make our neighbourhoods more colourful and celebrate the joy of creating, giving and receiving handmade quilts.

The Quilt Guild has a long history of providing comfort quilts to those in need in our community. Over the years they have provided newborn quilts to the hospital, lap quilts for the wheelchair-bound, adult and children’s quilt to the Ann Elmore House and Rose Harbour, Men’s Second Chance Recovery House and, more recently, thousands of cloth masks for local care agencies. Barb Round, quilter, says: when I make a quilt for someone I think about them the entire time I am sewing, so it is truly theirs before they even know about it. This is equally true of family quilts and those I donate…the love is built into every stitch.”

Rose Harbour quilt recipients have said: “I was so happy to receive my handmade quilt when I arrived at Rose Harbour”, “My quilt made my suite look homey” and “It felt like someone loved me.”

The Executive Director of Second Chance Recovery House, Tessera Brooks, reflects that her clients often feel forgotten, like they are not important in society. When quilts are donated, they are very touched emotionally, almost shocked that they are visible to somebody and cared about.

Yucalta Lodge requested a quilt to honour residents who pass away at the care home with a Walk of Honour. This is a show of respect to the resident, family, friends, staff and volunteers. Joanne Amberson , Recreation Supervisor, says: “The quilt guild made a beautiful quilt with greens, reds, yellows and oranges in a sunburst pattern on a black background, surrounded by green leaves. It is a stunning piece of art. It is a privilege to honour our residents in this way. Thank you to the very generous quilters for your support of this idea to become a reality.”

When she became a grandmother for the first time, Lori McKeown was gifted a quilt with elephants in the pattern, designed just for her because she loves these majestic animals. Kerry Hammell who made the quilt gave instructions that this quilt was to remain at Grandma’s house to provide a special warmth to cuddles with little ones. A sewer herself, Lori says: “I know how much time she takes choosing the fabric and the patterns. I will keep it forever because it was made from Kerry’ heart. When they give you a quilt, they give you a little piece of their heart.”

Melissa Moller, quilter, appreciates that “quilting will sustain us in times like this; having that connection is critical.” She feels that the opportunity to have quiet introspective time to be creative and challenge herself artistically feeds her soul, and the connection to other quilters through the guild has given her creative and social connections throughout COVID. Melissa says:” Making quilted creations to donate to the Hospital gift shop touches my heart. Every item we donate gives back to everyone in the community. It feels good to be able to do something for the community and at the same time do something that you love.”

Quilts are made with time and love. If you have been lucky enough to be gifted one of these special items, please show the world how much someone loves you by displaying your quilt outdoors 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday, March 20. (If it rains, try the same time the following day). Then take intentional detours on your errand runs to see if you can spot colorful quilts on display in different neighbourhoods and give a honk of appreciation.

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