Jenna Henry, speech/language pathologist, Campbell River Hospital Foundation; Steve Daigle, Daigle Welding and Marine and Stacey Marsh, Campbell River Hospital Foundation.

iPad donation provides versatile speech therapy tool for Campbell River Hospital

Daigle Welding and Marine recently donated to the Hospital Foundation to support the purchase of an iPad and applications (apps) to be used by the Speech-Language Pathologist at Campbell River Hospital.

The iPad is utilized for inpatient and outpatient therapy with word finding, reading and writing practice, memory, stuttering and Apraxia of speech.

Apraxia of speech happens when the part of the brain that controls coordinated muscle movement is damaged. Stroke is a common cause of Apraxia. It can also be caused by head injury, dementia and progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The iPad and specialized apps assists patients in understanding their voice projection and articulation as well as giving patients and their families the ability to trail the apps for home use.

“The scope of how the iPad and the apps can be applied to different situations and needs is astounding,” states Stacey Marsh, Executive Director, CRHF. “With their commitment to our hospital Daigle Welding and Marine have helped make a positive impact for many patients and their ability to communicate and we are grateful for their support.”

In 1985 Steve Daigle founded Daigle Welding and Marine Ltd. and is proud to be the forefront in setting industry standards. Daigle and his staff take pride in their commitment to quality and customer services. To learn about Daigle Welding and Marine visit

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