Hospital foundation donations gift wrapped

Wrapping gifts has produced a big gift for the hospital foundation over the years.

Wrapping gifts has produced a big gift for the hospital foundation over the years.

Gourmet Essentials implemented gift wrapping in exchange for a donation to the hospital foundation several years ago and recently it passed the $10,000 mark in contributions. And it’s just a part of the contribution this Campbell River business makes to the community through products or gift certificates for events or by supporting many local groups.

“Both of us have been involved as volunteer members of several not-for-profit groups, giving our time and expertise where we can,” said Jack Turley, referring to he and his wife Stevie’s community service.

The owners of two business – gourmet Essentials and La Tee Da Lingerie Boutique – recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

“Owning two stores is not simply twice the time commitment and work load, it is more like four times,” says Stevie.

The couple have kids, work together, live together and balance it all with their business commitment. They credit their success to a strong relationship.

“Our family is very close and our time spent with our kids has always been an important priority for us,” Stevie says.

“We have been very fortunate that the success of the business has allowed us that time,” Jack adds.

Gourmet Essentials began after Jack was transferred to the Campbell River area in 1988. Stevie was unable to find suitable work in town so the couple decided to challenge themselves by going into business.

The couple agree that it feels like 20 years zoomed by in the blink of an eye. But so much has changed in their personal lives – e.g., two kids – and the community has evolved in dramatic ways during that time also.

The couple still finds the business challenging and fun – it must be, they’re still going strong. Many community groups have benefited from their success. You can bet that won’t ever be “wrapped up.”