You don't have to choose between resort living or retirement lifestyle – Berwick by the Sea gives you both!

Have you considered Berwick by the Sea Retirement Community as a seniors housing option?

You look at your list of things to do and this is what you see:

– mow the lawn,

– trim edges of lawn,

– pull weeds,

– cook dinner,

– grocery shop,

– clean bathroom,

– vacuum entire house,

– scrub floors,

– pay bills …

The question is: Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

When we start thinking that it’s time to downsize and simplify so that we’re able to focus on what we’d like to be doing, what steps do we take? With such a hot real estate market, you would think putting your house up for sale and finding something smaller would be very straightforward.

It is a bit more complicated these days. In Campbell River, with a combined townhouse and apartment vacancy rate of .9 per cent, the question is: Where do I go from here? Local Realtor Anita Painter says, “Sixty percent of local sales are retirees. We have under a month’s supply of inventory and an influx of people moving from Alberta and Ontario. ‘Where do I go?’ has become a much more complex question.”

One solution to consider is Berwick by the Sea Retirement Community. Our retirement residence offers Independent Supported Living in a monthly package of hospitality services.

What would you be giving up when you sell your home and move to


– yard work

– cooking

– cleaning

– home maintenance

– security concerns

– isolation

What would you gain?

– connection

– social activities

– delicious meals

– support

– opportunities for learning

– 24/7 onsite emergency response

– one monthly, all-inclusive payment

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