Roderick Haig-Brown at home with his children.

Haig-Brown Festival this month

The popular Haig-Brown Festival takes place on Sunday, Sept. 29, from noon to 4 p.m.

The popular Haig-Brown Festival takes place on Sunday, Sept. 29, from noon to 4 p.m.

The festival is held each year on World River’s Day at the Haig-Brown house property at 2250 Campbell River Rd. (on the Gold River Hwy).

“The festival is a great family event with lots to see and do,” says festival organizer Cynthia Bendickson.

“If you’ve never been to the Haig-Brown property, the festival offers a great chance to explore the house and the grounds, and to find out more about some of our local community groups that work to fulfill the Haig-Browns’ legacy.”

The festival explores the themes of fishing, literature and conservation, with the addition of outdoor recreation and safety, and recognition is also given to Ann (Elmore) Haig-Brown who assisted vulnerable women.

Fly tying demos, fly fishing lessons, children’s games and crafts, good food, readings from Haig-Brown writings, great displays and property tours are all part of the festival which also serves to showcase local artistic and musical talent.

Located on the banks of the Campbell River, adjacent to the Kingfisher Creek conservation area and surrounded by woods, the site’s location by the river is a focal point for the celebration.

The Haig-Brown house on the property will be open and visitors can peruse the study with its treasure trove of classic literature.

The City of Campbell River will again present stewardship awards on stage to individuals, groups or businesses in recognition of their contribution in areas of conservation like habitat awareness, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, and air quality protection.

Roderick Haig-Brown was a fly fisherman, lay judge, and author, who became famous through his writings, some of which are considered to be classics today.

Haig-Brown was an avid conservationist, and spoke of preserving the natural environment long before environmentalism became a popular issue.

He is credited with creating a positive impact on the future of Campbell River through his foresight.

Admission is free, and appeals to all ages.

For more information about the festival call the Museum at 250- 287-3103.