Group shows appreciation to Campbell River law enforcement officers

A group calling itself Community Citizens of Campbell River (CCOCR) have come forward to offer our support, encouragement, and thanks to all of the law enforcement, police officers, as well as their families who risk their lives every day and hour on the job to make sure families and neighbourhoods are kept safe.

“Our local Campbell River law enforcement has done an excellent job in providing law and order to the streets of Campbell River and we don’t want this to escape our notice, especially in a time where there are those demanding for the defunding of Police nationwide,” said Vanessa MacLean in a press release from the CCOCR.

Therefore, various churches and citizens across Campbell River have shown their huge support with thank-you cards and appreciation cards which are being handed to the Inspector of the RCMP, Jeff Preston, by their Chaplain, Rick Shuttleworth, who greeted them right at their front door.

“Law enforcement is one of the most trusted institutions in society by their own communities and we could not be safe and healthy communities without their continual, hard work,” MacLean said. “It is no easy task and our police officers are the ones who get called into the most dangerous situations in society in which they are called to make the best decisions while in the most hostile environments.”

This often comes with a high price to pay as Statistics Canada revealed in a 2010 study that Police Officers are the #2 rated job of those most likely to be slain on shift, with the exception of taxi drivers. Canada has a memorial database to recognize all of the law enforcement personnel who have died while on duty. They left behind their families, children, and loved ones, all in the name of sacrifice as they gave up their lives for the communities they loved.

“This is why we love our law enforcement, and this is why today, we recognize them and their families, and show them our great love and support for a job that requires them to lay down their lives every day for the safety of their fellow citizens,” MacLean said.

CCOCR also invites any citizen of Campbell River or workplace or Community Group to show your appreciation to our Police Department by emailing them @

Campbell RiverRCMP