Proud Animal and Barbara Adler raise awareness about psychosis and mental illness during the ReachOut Psychosis tour which will be performed at Southgate School on April 17.

Getting the word out about mental illness

Program works to help youth and their friends and teachers recognize it early and get effective help

ReachOut Psychosis will be touring high schools and middle schools on Vancouver Island April 15-18, including Southgate Middle School in Campbell River, 8:10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 17.

The tour raises awareness about psychosis and mental illness. ReachOut Psychosis makes this message meaningful to B.C.’s youth with free school presentations.

By identifying psychosis as a serious, but treatable medical condition of the brain, this program works to help youth and their friends and teachers recognize it early and get effective help. If properly diagnosed at early stages, medical treatment has the ability to not just turn young lives around, but to save lives. Teen suicide statistics related to youth mental illness are staggering.

Performances by the popular Vancouver band Proud Animal and comedy by Barbara Adler are interspersed with playful interactive psychosis information and tons of prizes from our sponsors to help educate young people about psychosis. Mike Young from the band speaks personally about how psychosis affected his life.

ReachOut is a dynamic and highly effective performance touring the province since 2005, performing in gyms and auditoriums to more than 22,000 students annually.  It was performed to to its 100,000th youth audience member last year. ReachOut is a program of the BC Schizophrenia Society and HereToHelp.  The presentation provides resources and information for friends, siblings, teachers and parents.

“It exposed them to a lot of information which the students wouldn’t normally talk about in a manner which was just accessible and appropriate to their kind of thinking and their way of seeing the world,” said Andrew Scholfield, Vice Principal, Kwantlan Park Secondary.