Sandra Milligan points out a Pycnodpodia with a clam. Creatures such as these can be seen at a family intertidal walk being put on by the Museum at Campbell River on May 8.

Get up close and personal with nature

Create some family memories your kids will never forget

Create some family memories your kids will never forget.

The Museum at Campbell River is offering a day of discovery within the Intertidal shoreline for the next Pro-D day, Friday, May 8, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Allow your kids to be immersed in the magnificent stories of intertidal organisms.

It’s like an HD Nature Show without the screen.

Scavenger Hunt is the name of the game.Respectful observation and exploration is the Rule.

Amazement and appreciation for the crazy creations of nature are the Rewards.

North Island College biology instructor Sandra Milligan will lead this family-oriented intertidal walk.

Milligan says she wishes she had a dollar for every time a participant said “I had no idea all of this was out here, I wish I had come earlier!”

You’ll see the ever popular Purple Sea Stars, frilled dogwinkles for the lace-lovers, shield and mask limpets for the super heros. Special sightings may include the intricate brittle star, slippery saddleback gunnels, and squishy sea cucumbers.

Intertidalling is a unique “growing-up-Campbell River-style” experience.

Foster a love of intertidal life in your children that will be rekindled throughout a lifetime.

Essential equipment includes a curious attitude and rubber boots or the acceptance of wet feet.

Participants need to be able to walk about one kilometre, some of which is in ankle-deep water.

Meet at the parking lot on Highway 19A at Larwood Road for 1:30 p.m. on May 8.

Leave five minutes to park and walk; please respect the business parking at Larwood Plaza.

To register, call the Museum at Campbell River at 250-287-3103.

The cost is a special family rate of $30 for a family of four (including grandparents, parents, caregivers, respite workers and kids).  Adults are $15, children $7.50.

Email with any questions.