Berwick by the Sea in Campbell River offers the perfect mix of independence and community. (Photo: Sean Fenzl)

Get up and Get Down!

Berwick residents bust a few moves in weekly dance class

When was the last time you danced?

If you’re like so many and can’t remember, consider turning up your favourite song and letting loose! Dance has so many health benefits, including improved strength, cardiovascular fitness and lowered stress. When you factor in how it helps you build better coordination, agility and flexibility, it’s hard to find a reason NOT to dance.

At Berwick by the Sea, they’ve started a dance program for residents and staff. Every Wednesday, their activity room is transformed into a dance studio, with music blaring and the vibrant group learning choreography.

The latest routine that was performed and recorded was Hip Hop dance, to the song Clear Eyes. The routine was brought together by Active Living coordinator Marion, who asked everyone to wear all black clothing at each rehearsal, which helped to set the atmosphere. In the performance, we showed our collective strength in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

See the routine on Instagram…

“I was coerced in the beginning,” said Lorraine, Berwick resident, “but it was fun. I’m pleased everything turned out so well. Everyone looked good.”

When asked if she would consider participating in another dance routine, she replied, “Now that I know we looked so good, I might consider another one.”

Remember that you don’t have to join a class or group to dance. Dancing solo in your kitchen or living room is guaranteed to make you smile!

To see the hip hop video, go to berwick.sea on Instagram.

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