Get in touch with your inner tapestry by looking at Kevin Godsoe’s art

New artist in town displaying work at Serious Coffee in Campbell River.

Kevin Godsoe moved to Campbell River in June. His art will be on display at Serious Coffee until Nov. 5.

Want some insight into the human unconscious? Look no further than Kevin Godsoe’s art show at Serious Coffee this month.

“I don’t so much want to make specific  statements as create something that I hope will evoke feelings in the viewer,” he said. “That people  will bring their own experience into the work and not so much look for mine.”

Godsoe spent his childhood drawing to pass the time on a farm in New Brunswick.

As a teen he was given a book on surrealism, and it has had a huge influence on his art.

With his current show he hopes to provoke the viewer into examining their own inner tapestry.

“People have at times told me quite insightful things about what is going on for them in my art , and its amazing when that  happens because they are right on and I didn’t see it until they showed it to me,” Godsoe said. “I guess that’s the surrealist fascination with the human unconscious at play.”

After taking Commercial Art at St. John Vocational School in New Brunswick, Godsoe moved to the west coast and studied privately under Elizabeth Black Leach in Vancouver.

Over the years he thinks he has gotten better at the craft, but the biggest lesson has been to learn to stop at the right time.

“In the past I think I have often over worked pieces,” he said. “And less is often more.”

As well as surrealism, Godsoe is now interested in a wide variety of art from tribal to pop and modern.

“I often say, ‘there is no good or bad art, just art I like and art I haven’t come to appreciate fully yet’,” he explained.

Some of his favourite B.C. artists are Thomas Anfield, Eve Leader and Angela Grossman.

Godsoe’s exhibition at Serious Coffee is paintings, but he also dabbles in performing arts, combining music light and shadow to tell stories.

He said he has worked with poets, dancers and on the radio.

“I have always enjoyed combining drawing, painting , collage , found objects and photographs,” he said.

Godsoe moved to Campbell River this past June to escape the noise and congestion of the lower mainland, and has found an oasis of civility and beauty here.

Godsoe’s art will be on display at Serious Coffee until Nov. 5.