Local author Susan Black’s essay was chosen for this book. She will host a free talk about the book at the library this Saturday.

Free talk by local author

Susan Black's essay was chosen for inclusion in a book called The Moment I Knew and she will speak about the book at the library

Was there a moment in your life when you just knew something, a sudden realization, large or small, that clarified what course of action you should take?

Campbell River author Susan Black had such a moment, and wrote about it. Her essay, How Detachment Changes Everything, is about the difficult decisions parents must sometimes make when their children are in trouble.

Her essay was chosen for inclusion in a book called The Moment I Knew, published by Sugati Publications.

“Susan’s essay will resonate with many parents who have faced the dilemma of making hard decisions and loving your child at the most difficult of times,” said editor Terri Spahr Nelson.

The anthology The Moment I Knew is a diverse collection of short essays and poems from 30 women sharing insightful moments of their lives – from the sublime events to the unexpected, or more mundane. The book addresses topics that are universal to most women: love, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, loss, faith, culture, self-discovery and the human condition.

Black will host a forum which will focus on three of the essays from this book on Saturday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Campbell River library. There will be time for discussion and sharing of personal stories. The purpose of the gathering is to reflect on moments in three authors’ lives that were etched in their memories, and reflect on participants’ own ‘moments that we knew.’

This is a free event, however pre-registration is required and attendance is limited to 35 people. For more information or to register, contact Black at 250-286-3735 or susan.black268@gmail.com.