Sandy Dennis is an active former Quadra Island resident who has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour requiring immediate medial attention and surgery.

Former neighbours rally for woman with brain tumour

Dennis has been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor requiring immediate medical attention and surgery

Come out for an evening full of music and love in support of Sunday Dennis at the Quadra Island Community Centre on Sunday, Jan. 18 from 6:30-9 p.m.

It will be a lively, energetic, music-filled evening for Sunday and her family – Jason, True, Cyrus and Ishan. Performances will be by Noelle Maffin and friends; Zach Dennison; Smooth Edge, Willowishes; and Casey Ryder.

There will be a concession with delicious, home made savory and sweet items as well as beverages.

A silent auction will take place during the evening of music. There will also be a noisy live auction. There is a need of donations for the auctions. If you would like to contribute something, contact Mia Frishholz email

The door and concession will be by donation. All proceeds will be going to Sunday Dennis.

Dennis has been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor requiring immediate medical attention and surgery. Based on test results there is a high probability that she has a high grade Gleoma, a fast growing, aggressive form of brain cancer otherwise known as Gleoblastoma.

There are very limited resources in Canada for treating such tumors. However, she and her family have been presented with an incredible opportunity to have treatment in the U.S. and be part of a funded cancer treatment trial at UCLA that offers her the best hope for a positive outcome.

However, in order to access this free trial opportunity she will also need to have her surgery in the U.S. The costs are significant.

“We are asking for everyone and anyones help to get us to UCLA. We need to raise funds to help pay for the cost of surgery, anesthesiologist, pre and post op care and hospital fees,” her husband Jason says. “Because of the kind of tumor, the size and the location, we don’t have time to waste, we have to act quickly.  As of today (Monday, January 5th) we have $100,000 and we are now working on getting enrolled and down to UCLA by the end of this next week. But this is just the beginning of the expenses we will be facing. If you have money or anyone that you know has money I am asking for substantial donations to be made for Sundays care.

“This is my wife’s life and the momma or our three children, so I am not afraid to ask. Please help us in any way that you can.

“Know that any contributions made will help save Sundays life.”