If you want to enjoy fireworks this Halloween

Fireworks this Halloween?

Head down to No. 2 Fire Hall, or get a permit for your own

Halloween is just around the corner and that means kids, costumes and candy – and, for some, fireworks.

If a fantastic fireworks display is what you’re after this Halloween, join the fun at No. 2 Fire Hall (261 Larwood Rd.). The Campbell River No.2 Hall Firefighters Association hosts this annual family-friendly event with fireworks, hot chocolate, and hotdogs by donation. The fireworks begin at 8 p.m.

If you’re planning on staging your own fireworks event, at Halloween or on any other occasion, a Consumer Fireworks Permit is mandatory. Permit applications must be submitted to the fire department no later than two weeks prior to the planned fireworks event.

Applications are posted as part of the City’s Fireworks Regulation Bylaw (www.campbellriver.ca / Your City Hall / Bylaw Search). People can also fill out an application at the Fire Hall, downtown at 675 13th Ave.

This year, applications for Halloween must be received at the fire department by Oct. 17. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age and pay a $40 permit fee.

For a safe and memorable fireworks experience, follow these simple safety guidelines.

  • Know and follow the fireworks regulations for your area.
  • Follow all instructions provided with your fireworks.
  • Choose an appropriate location to maximize safety
  • After the show is over, dispose of fireworks packaging in a safe manner, ensuring there are no smoldering remnants that could cause a fire.
  • Possession and discharge of firecrackers, prohibited fireworks such as after-market modified fireworks, and using fireworks without a permit is prohibited and subject to fines.

For more information contact the Campbell River Fire Department at 250-286-6266.