Find turns employee into hero

'Bag of garbage' found at Campbell River's Home Depot turns into $600 cash

Kevin Fisher found a bag on the floor of the Home Depot store with a surprise inside.

An employee at The Home Depot was helping a customer look for his credit card when he discovered a lot more than he had bargained for.

What he found would turn him into a hero.

Kevin Fisher, an employee at The Home Depot for nearly two years, was helping a customer price out tractors just outside the store’s exit doors last Friday afternoon when the customer realized his credit card had fallen out of his back pocket.

The search turned up the customer’s card from beside a row of John Deere tractors while Fisher found what appeared to be a bag of garbage.

“I turned around and saw a white bag,” Fisher said. “It looked like a white paper bag that you would get from the pharmacy. I thought ‘someone must have lost their medicine’ so I picked it up.”

What he found in the bag was something he will never forget.

“I put my hand in and saw a $100 bill,” Fisher said in disbelief. “I flicked the $100 bill open and saw at least five $100 bills folded together. I thought ‘wow, someone is in need of this money’ so I didn’t hesitate and turned it in.”

The middle-aged Fisher gave the money to his manager and about half an hour later, he got a call to come to the front of the store. There at one of the checkouts was a frantic Denise Stewart, who had just gone to pay, looked into her purse for her money only to find it gone.

“I had saved up, months and months of saving,” said Stewart who had $600 in the envelope – some of which was a gift from her dad to redo her rotting patio. “If it wasn’t for (Fisher), my renovations would never have gotten done, it’s in progress and progress would have come to a screeching halt. He was the hero.”

Stewart was impressed and incredibly thankful that Fisher turned in the money.

“That would have been just an incredible windfall for that guy,” Stewart said. “He could have just put it in his pocket and never said a word. No one would have been the wiser. I couldn’t thank him enough. There still is integrity in this world.”

Fisher said Stewart gave him a big hug and even a kiss on the cheek. Stewart insisted on Fisher being recognized in the Mirror.

Fisher said he was only doing the right thing.

“I knew it wasn’t mine,” he said. “It didn’t even cross my mind to keep the money. I was just totally surprised when I opened it up. You always hear about people finding large amounts of money but you don’t usually expect it to happen to you.”

As for Stewart, she still doesn’t know how her money ended up in the parking lot outside the exit.

She figures it fell out of her purse but she doesn’t know how. One thing though is for certain.

She doesn’t have to worry about it happening again.