Friday night at the Discovery Passage Aquarium is your chance to check out some of the more secretive critters of the sea – like this wolf eel.

Explore the more secretive side of sealife

Last big event of Discovery Passage Aquarium's season

Do you want to discover some critters that you have never seen before?

If so, head down to Campbell River’s Discovery Passage Aquarium this Friday night between 8 and 10 p.m. When it’s getting dark outside, the Aquarium tanks will start to shine.

“This is a great time to observe many of the smaller or more secretive animals” says Mark Wunsch, President of the Discovery Passage Sealife Society, which operates the Aquarium.

“The darker atmosphere in the Aquarium makes it easy to spot even the tiniest critters and colours and shapes really stand out, the same effect you can have on a night dive in the ocean,” he adds. Aquarium staff will have some flashlights at hand to help you search.

Those who can’t make it should plan their visit soon as the Aquarium will be closing for the season at the end of the school holidays Sept. 7.

The good news is, though, the society is about to open its new Explorer Lab at the Maritime Heritage Centre across from the Aquarium. Twice as big as the Aquarium, the Explorer Lab will offer a variety of programming around our coast and ocean.

Stay tuned for the opening announcement.