Ducks Unlimited selects Quadra Island artist’s wolf portrait

Image will be used to raise funds for conservation group

Quadra Island artist Kevin Johnson.

Quadra Island artist Kevin Johnson joins some of Canada’s most prestigious nature artists featured in Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) 2020 National Art Portfolio.

Johnson’s artwork, Stand Tall – Gray Wolf, is one of just four pieces selected from hundreds of submissions.

By donating his artwork to DUC, Johnson is helping raise important funds for wetland conservation. Artwork selected for DUC’s National Art Portfolio are made into high-quality prints for use in DUC’s fundraising initiatives. Money raised supports DUC’s wetland conservation projects, scientific research and education programs.

“Kevin Johnson is an incredible ambassador for conservation and a long-time supporter of Ducks Unlimited Canada,” says Michaela Bell, DUC’s national manager of retail operations, in a press release. “His latest painting is yet another example of the incredible talent he has in capturing the beauty of the natural world and the need to conserve it.”

DUC’s National Art Portfolio was established in 1986. It gives artists a highly visible platform to share their conservation-inspired artwork, while raising important funds for some of the most important ecosystems on the planet. In addition to providing critical habitat for wildlife, wetlands naturally clean water, prevent floods and droughts, and help mitigate the effects of climate change by holding large amounts of carbon.

Born in London, Ontario, Johnson is a self-taught pencil artist who now resides on Quadra Island,

located off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. He retired from a career in the Canadian Forces that took him to every corner of the world, but it is here on the west coast of Canada that Johnson finds the inspiration for his works of art. His 2020 National Art Portfolio piece, Stand Tall – Gray Wolf, is a powerful and beautiful depiction of this wild canine.

“Science has shown throughout North America, the importance of wolves as a crucial species in a balanced and complete ecosystem,” says Johnson when describing his artwork. “A wolf pack is a brilliant example of a successful society; members work together to take care of and protect each other. Stand tall wolf, for you deserve respect for your strength and resilience.”

Artwork by Kevin Johnson and other top Canadian nature artists are being sold at DUC community fundraising events and on art auction easels in businesses across the country. For more information, visit

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Quadra Island artist Kevin Johnson had his artwork Stand Tall – Gray Wolf selected by Ducks Unlimited to be used for fundraising efforts. Photo contributed