Dog owner thankful

Brown was impressed with the care and concern that people on Quadra provided

Well, one Campbell River woman knows where there’s no shortage of heroes – Quadra Island! A much-relieved Anne Brown is one woman who is thankful for the kindness of Quadra Islanders after her six-year-old retriever Turk went missing Tuesday night.

Because Brown has been travelling the last few weeks, she had her dog stay with friends on Quadra Island. On Tuesday night, Turk got out but because he’s a yard dog who stays closes to home in Campbell River, he would not be familiar with the wide open spaces of Quadra Island.

Brown began an all night search for Turk that failed to turn up her beloved dog.

Eventually, her search took her to the ferry terminal at Quathiaski Cove on Wednesday morning and she asked around if anyone had seen her dog. She was told to ask the coffee shop owner who also owns retrievers. Surprise, he had seen a dog like hers not long before. He suggested asking the ferry terminal employees.

Well, not only had the workers seen the dog but they were holding onto him in the terminal waiting room.

“They knew somebody would be looking for him,” Brown said.

The workers kept the dog until his worried owner did indeed come by looking for him and they were happily reunited.

“I just cried. I just bawled my eyes out,” Brown said.

Brown was impressed with the care and concern that people on Quadra provided her, by helping look, and her dog by keeping him on hand until the owner came around.

“I just wanted the people on Quadra to know how much I appreciate them,” Brown said.

Turk was a little tired and hungry after his ordeal and so was Brown after searching for hours. Both got some much needed rest once they returned home.


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