Death Education Fair set for Quadra Island Community Centre

Learn more about death, dying, and grief in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Quadra Way To Go is offering an opportunity to learn more about death, dying, and grief in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Way To Go Death Education Fair will be held Saturday, Nov. 2 at the Quadra Community Centre. The open house is 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. with presentations at 4 p.m.

Many of us are forced to learn about these topics when feeling vulnerable and emotions are high. Quadra Way To Go encourages you to explore them now, while you can absorb information more easily and make better decisions. You can learn ways to navigate death that are simpler and more natural, affordable, and down-to-earth than our usual practices. The event is freely offered, and no businesses interests are promoted.

To celebrate Nov. 2 as the Day of the Dead, you are invited to bring a picture of your deceased loved ones to add to the central table, where they will be honoured and remembered.

Come listen to the Threshold Choir (worth coming just for this!), who gently sing to those at the threshold of life. Explore topics such as End of Life Planning, Do It Yourself Funerals, MAID, Grief and Loss, Natural Burials, Hospice, Caretaking, and many more.

Way to Go is a once a month gathering where people talk about death, dying, and grief; educate themselves about current and alternative approaches; and strive to make death truly a part of life in our community. They have been meeting for four years and have explored and researched many topics, such as natural burials, organ donations, being an executor, do it yourself funerals.

Everyone is welcome and although the subject material is serious and can be challenging, there is often laughter and warmth as well.

There will even be a door prize … on the way out.

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