Cribbage tournament brings joy to saddened community

“A lot of the participants in this tournament were misplaced from the fire tragedy.”

It was an emotional afternoon at the Salvation Army last Friday.

Not only was it the organization’s fifth annual cribbage tournament, but the event also served as way for residents to heal from the effects of the devastating Creekside Apartments fire.

“A lot of the participants in this tournament were misplaced from the fire tragedy,” said Salvation Army representative Michael Winter, adding “everyone’s been in emergency mode, and it just goes to show the resiliency of these people. A lot of them don’t have a home right now, but in the midst of all that’s happening in their lives, this gave them some light by letting them be a part of something joyous.”

Six two person teams battled it out all morning to win some fantastic prizes donated by Save-On Foods, A&W, Danny Coon (homemade bannock and bread), and Diane Toth and Kathy Klatt (homemade jam).

Save-On Foods Manager Gary Jackson was more than happy to donate hampers as prizes for the event. “It’s important to the community, and this town really needs sponsorship from great community groups like the Salvation Army to help bring people together,” he said.

Winter confirmed the event will continue to be an annual tradition. “It’s basically an opportunity to promote healthy community activities,” he said. “It’s a place where they can be clean and sober, and do things that are positive. It’s something they look forward to and enjoy, because there’s a lot of laughter and a lot of fun involved, and it’s really just a good time for all.”


TYSON WHITNEY PHOTO Michael Winter, Community Ministries Supervisor Lighthouse Resource Centre, celebrates with the winning team.