The Seniors Society is enjoying the new chairs and round tables donated by Monks and Rotary. Some tables are big enough for games while others are small enough for conversation.

Comfort level rises for seniors

Life just got a bit more comfortable for visitors to Campbell River Seniors’ Centre

Life just got a bit more comfortable for visitors to Campbell River Seniors’ Centre, thanks to a joint donation by the city’s Rotary Clubs and Monk’s Office Supply.

Through a combined donation by the Daybreak and Noon Hour Rotary Clubs, Monk’s supplied more than a dozen round tables — including three, seven-foot diametre tables suitable for large groups — and 78 padded, stackable chairs to the centre in Campbell River Common Mall.

“Everybody knows Rotarians as people who are visionaries and have done a lot for our environment and to beautify the community,” said Helen Whitaker, Seniors’ Centre Society president.

“But in this case, they’ve invested in people. This is significant.”

The Rotarians not only contributed to the cause, but members arrived at the Centre to help unpack and set up the tables and chairs in the common room, where low-cost lunches are offered to the community’s seniors each weekday.

Whitaker also credited Mayor Andy Adams who, when he was still on council, worked with Whitaker and the Seniors’ Centre on the purchasing end to ensure they had the proper chairs.

Once the chairs were selected, Monk’s provided its own donation by upgrading the order to a higher quality model.

“They are so comfortable and so attractive,” Whitaker said of the chairs, which came with a rolling dolly for use in storing or placing them out, as needed.

“When we sent our thank-you note to Monk’s we sent a photo of a pile of cushions that nobody uses anymore.

The Campbell River Seniors’ Centre opened Jan. 5 after several nomadic years of existence, including an earlier stint in the Common.

Its new location was made available through a partnership with the city and with mall owner Allan Edie, and Whitaker was pleased to recognize the latest partnership with the Rotary Clubs and Monks on behalf of the community’s seniors.

“They really do come through,” she said. “They put up the money, they put in the expertise, and they even came and put in the labour. Everybody here is very grateful.”