The City of Campbell River has produced a new video of people touting the benefits of the fitness classes offered at the Sportsplex and Community Centre, entitled Be Fit For Life. Photo courtesy City of Campbell River

City of Campbell River highlights benefits of fitness programs for ‘older adults’

New video features participants telling their own stories of how classes improved their lives

Older adults consistently say better physical and mental health is what they get from the fitness classes at the Sportsplex and Community Centre, according to the City of Campbell River, and they’ve created a short video to help share that message.

In Be Fit for Life, the new video that highlights the health benefits of recreation programs, six Campbell River residents share their stories. One features Diane Work, a Fit for Life participant who lived in pain for years, was depressed and didn’t feel like moving.

“Coming (to class) on a regular basis, the pain started to dissipate, and I have small flare ups but never any large ones. I have been able to do so many amazing things,” she says. “Like last year, for my birthday, I went sky diving with my son!”

The city would like to thank all of the other participants who shared their health journey in this video, as well, including Dianne Dennis, Hazel Lawrence, Magda Lussin, Dianne Nelson, Ken Nowoselski

The video project showcases how Fit For Health, Fit for Life and the Total Body Fit classes can help older adults improve and maintain physical health, create social connections and get pain relief.

“Video interviews told story after story about how attending recreation classes helped participants heal from depression, recover from surgery, make new friends and continue to do the things they love to do,” says recreation program coordinator Linda Nagle. “Sharing these personal experiences backs up the research that clearly shows that exercise and physical activity are the key to living longer, healthier and more independently. Plus, the strong social connections that come with social activity increase happiness.”

You can hear all the stories in the Be Fit for Life video through the City of Campbell River YouTube Channel, on the city website or on Facebook (@campbellriverrec).

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