Interfor’s Kai Sonnenburg will be participating in this year’s Bike to Work Week which begins on Monday

City is gearing up for Bike to Work Week

Eighth annual Bike to Work Week is soon approaching

As the eighth annual Campbell River Bike to Work Week approaches, team leaders like Interfor’s Kai Sonnenburg are encouraging their co-workers to prepare and participate in this year’s events which begin May 25.

Last year, Interfor’s team consisted of 14 riders that logged a respectable 633 total kilometres during the week.

This year Sonnenburg is confident his team can grow both in the number of riders and total distance cycled.

To boost ridership numbers, Sonnenburg has a number of strategies including offering prizes from his team leader package (a goody-bag stuffed with sponsors’ swag is awarded to all team leaders), organizing group rides, posting maps of Campbell River bicycle routes in the lunchroom, and lending bicycles and helmets to colleagues that don’t have the necessary equipment.

A few brief email reminders about Bike to Work Week events will also be circulated.

Sonnenburg has also used some creativity in previous years to make participation achievable for Interfor’s long distance commuters.

Instead of driving all the way to the downtown office, colleagues from Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland were invited to drive to Sonnenburg’s house in Willow Point and join him on the bicycle commute from there.

That invitation will be extended for this year’s event.

Registration is now open to all new and returning Bike to Work Week teams and individuals.

To register for the event or find out more details visit