There’s so much for kids to do during spring break with Campbell River Recreation!

City has loads for kids to do during the spring break

Two weeks of fun, spring is ready to be sprung at Campbell River Recreation!

Two weeks of fun, spring is ready to be sprung at Campbell River Recreation!

Both weeks have half-day, full-day single-day or full-week program options.

April 3 and 5th are days for students in Grades 4-6 to choose from:

  • Mini Einstein (a science-based program that explores slimy, goopy experiments)
  • Cooking Mania (where kids take over the Plex kitchen to make great food and head into the gym for crazy games and challenges)
  • Acting Up (which will appeal to the drama lovers with improv and theatre games)
  • Ball Sports (rounds out the day for the active sports lovers)
  • Hobbitats (create fantasy fun out of driftwood)
  • Splash Down (which includes a trip to the Strathcona Gardens Pool)
  • Photography (teaching elements of composition techniques and editing!)

April 11 and 13th are focused on kids in Grades 1-3 with:

  • CD Art and Wind Chime program
  • Pickle, Pickle, Who wants a Pickle? (playing pickleball and making snacks in the kitchen)
  • Mini Einstiens will create goop, oobleck and gunk
  • Creative Drama will let them pretend and act out different scenes.

This year, anyone who signs up their kids for a program in the morning and the afternoon of April 3,5,11 and 13 will get lunch time supervision free.

Both weeks will also provide regular programs such as Family Gym and Family Place for the little ones, as well as Home Alone and Junior First Aid for youth.

Girls will be treated to Girls on the Go, a program for students in grades 4 to 7 that includes new things like a spa day, yoga, a fashion shoot, swimming and skating – to name a few!

And, not to leave out the boys, we’re also offering Guys Stuff, a program just for the dudes in grade 4 to 6 who want to rock climb, skate, swim, eat and hang with the guys! For more information call 250-286-1161 or 250-923-7911. Check out the Recreation Guide. Visit and click on the recreation button!