Centre for Spiritual Living revealing a mural on Sunday

The Centre for Spiritual Living is revealing a new mural on Sunday at noon.

Zen Baer and Maggie O'Connor work on their parts of the mural at the Centre for Community Living.

The Centre for Spiritual Living’s white wall that faces Dogwood St. will soon be adorned with a mural created by local artists.

Collette Ordano, secretary of the Centre for Spiritual Living’s Board of Trustees, said that the idea to create a mural came to her while she was participating in the centre’s dialogue meeting, a program where participants meditate and share and develop the ideas that come to them during that process.

At first she dismissed it because she does not have the artistic ability to make it happen.

“But it kept kind of resurfacing,” she said.

She eventually realized that she could recruit artists within the community to make the project happen.

With the help of the Arts Council and tips from a lady in Chemainus who coordinates murals, Ordano’s dream became a reality.

“The whole idea being that the Centre for Spiritual Living supports people, and in my case young adults, to kind of carry their visions forward, to not stuff them away, to not disregard them because you think you don’t have the ability,” she said.

The centre fundraised for the supplies and six artists volunteered their time over a number of weeks to make the mural happen.

“They were set up in the hall for a couple of weeks,” Ordano said. “They came in and out as they could and worked on their pieces.”

Sharing in the design and painting are Zen Baer, Emily Goodwin, Katy Thompson, Maggie O’Connor, Bee Flach, and Natalia Chaikina.

Gregory Hazlehurst is helping with construction.

This Sunday at noon the mural is going to be revealed and the public as well as everyone who was involved are invited to the celebration .