Carihi Mirror: What makes Carihi such a great learning environment?

Carihi Secondary is often recognized aas a school with a positive learning environment and a diverse, inclusive community.

Students at Carihi show their school spirit by dressing up for Halloween.

Carihi Secondary is often recognized among Campbell River schools as a school with a positive learning environment and a diverse, inclusive community.

A range of factors come together to create the place that is viewed positively by parents, students, and teachers alike.

The students are at the heart of any school culture, and that is the same at Carihi.

Asked what makes Carihi students unique, Carihi principal Fred Schaub responded “It’s a very diverse school. The makes of the local demographic, the French immersion, and others creates an interesting mix”.

He also mentioned that from this diversity comes a very welcoming school culture, where the students understand and value the strength of diversity.

Carihi teachers also play an important role in shaping the culture of Carihi.

Vice Principal Shawn Cowan said that “Carihi also has very dedicated teachers who care about the students”. This is proven by the positive attitude that Carihi students have towards their teachers.

In addition, Schaub noted that another part of Carihi culture is “the fact that we are in a building with a 50 year history of great traditions”.

These traditions include the annual turkey dinner, the range of school clubs, the support for diversity, and more.

Both students and teachers have a desire to maintain the many positive attributes of the Carihi culture into the future.

While students graduate and teachers may change schools, there are still ways to maintain the Carihi culture.

Schaub mentioned that he “would renovate the school, rather than build a new school. It would keep the character and history intact”.

There have been proposals to merge Carihi and Timberline to create one new high school, which Schaub mentioned he would not support.

Carihi Secondary is a place where both students and teachers love spending their time. This positive energy helps to motivate students, and therefore a school with a positive culture is also an excellent learning environment.

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