Carihi Mirror: Carihi students make dozens of pizzas for pizza week

Braden Majic

Carihi Mirror

The foods room at Carihi was transformed into a pizzeria during the week of May 15 for the annual semester event known as pizza week.

“I love pizza week,” said foods teacher Zoe Tehennepe. “[Pizza is] very popular, it’s easy to share… and there is such a variety in the types of pizza you get to make.”

This is the third pizza week at Carihi, held once every semester. Students and staff were able to fill out order forms for a custom made pizza for only $10 and pick it up fresh or frozen after school Thursday to take home and bake.

On Tuesday the dough was made and left overnight to rise. Then, on Wednesday the 20 different types of toppings were prepared.

“[On] Thursday, we assemble all of the pizzas, fresh and frozen, that we are selling,” said Tehennepe.

In the foods and baking classes at Carihi, students from grades 9 to 12 learn how to make many different types of food from a variety of different cultures. Pizza is just one example of that learning experience.

“Everybody should know how to make a good pizza,” said Tehennepe.

She also says that to make pizzas for only her classes would be very expensive. So, instead they turn the foods room into a week-long pizzeria.

“This way, I think they [the students] get quite a bit more experience because if you make one pizza, you don’t really know how to make a pizza,” said Tehennepe. “But if you make nine pizzas, you have got a pretty good idea how to.”

It is that learning experience that Tehennepe really enjoys about pizza week. From the made-from-scratch dough to the variety of toppings, each one of her students acquire the skills to make pizza at home.

“I am the most proud of my students,” said Tehennepe. “They work hard, they work really hard.”

The pizzas were enjoyed by many students, staff members, and parents who placed pizza orders.

A total of 64 pizzas were purchased which helped make this “the best pizza week ever.”

Carihi Mirror