Reminding seniors of the importance of not giving out personal or financial information to people you don’t know or over the phone is an important first step. (Submitted)

Campbell River’s new Seniors Info Hub now open and active

We are excited to share that the new Seniors Info Hub is now open and accessible to seniors, their family caregivers, and community members.

The Seniors Info Hub is an information service focused on seniors-related services. It has been developed with the help of seniors and people who support and work with seniors.

The Seniors Info Hub will provide reliable information about senior related services and resources in our community and assist in learning how to navigate health and social service systems. For example, if you need to know how to access Handy Dart, the Hub can provide the form and explain the process.

If you need to know about home care or ready-made meals, it will provide options with you so you can decide what is best for your needs. Information about housing options and support will be available, and the list goes on.

For many people asking for help is not easy. It takes a good listener to help figure out what is needed and share information in a way that will build confidence and empower people. While the internet is great for many things, it is not a replacement for talking to a person. The Internet can only give information based on what is asked. We have all spent hours online searching for something and given up. When we contact a friend and ask them for help, we get answers because someone understood what we were asking. The Seniors Info Hub will fill this need of finding accurate and reliable information in a timely way.

The Hub is not just for seniors but for everyone in the community who needs to know more or learn about what local services are available as people age. The Hub can be that starting place to call and have a one-to-one conversation.

When restrictions are lifted, service will be available in person at the Volunteer Campbell River office and in various community locations.

Seniors Info Hub Volunteers will be there listening, connecting, supporting and informing our seniors, family caregivers and members of the community. For more information or to arrange to speak with one of our volunteers, contact Cheryl Stinson, Seniors Info Hub Coordinator at 250-914-9017 or email: