Only 150 Mike on a Bike buttons have been made, for the first 150 cyclists to show up to the June 6 event at the Tyee Spit. Photo supplied by Campbell River Go By Bike Week

Only 150 Mike on a Bike buttons have been made, for the first 150 cyclists to show up to the June 6 event at the Tyee Spit. Photo supplied by Campbell River Go By Bike Week

Campbell River’s Logger Mike to participate in Go By Bike Week

Scavenger hunt, skills test and refreshment stations planned

One of the most famous Campbell Riverites will be participating in Go By Bike week this year, hint: he’s big, tough and hangs out downtown all the time.

“We decided that Logger Mike was going to join us this year,” said Linda Nagle, Go By Bike Week organizer for Campbell River.

Mike is going to be featured in a week-long scavenger hunt activity. Every day from May 31 to June 6, Go By Bike Week will be posting a photo of Mike on their Facebook Page. The idea is that people ride to the location and take a selfie with Mike and post it on the Faecbook page. Those who do will be entered in to win a prize from local businesses.

“By the end of the day on Sunday, we’ll do a draw for the winners,” Nagle said. “There’s some really good prizes there. It’s a combination prize of gift cards and baskets from about six different businesses there.”

The scavenger hunt is not the only event planned for this year’s Go By Bike Week. As usual, participants are asked to log their rides to work, school or otherwise. As far as events go, the organizers have had to factor in the COVID-19 pandemic in their preparations.

On Saturday, June 5, a station will be set up at the corner of Jubilee and Dogwood for cyclists to get some refreshments and some Go By Bike Week swag. That station will be run by the Homalco First Nation and will be open from 9:30 until 11:30 a.m. Later on Saturday, the River City Cycle Club will be holding a bike trivia contest, and the city will be operating a bike skills clinic.

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“We’re offering people the chance to come and try their bike skills,” Nagle explained. “This is perfect for families and kids. There are things like ‘how good are you at signaling and shoulder checking?’ how good are you at slalom courses? Or reaching to one side and picking up things that are a bit lower? Can you pick up a water bottle off a traffic cone?”

To finish off the week, an event will be held from 10 until noon on June 6 at the Tyee Spit, where the first 150 riders will be able to meet Mike on a Bike, and get a specially-made button.

“There’s only 150 of them, so if you want to get one of those buttons you’ll have to ride out there on a Sunday morning between 10 and noon. If you’re one of the first 150 you’ll be able to pick up a button,” said Nagle.

After over a year of COVID-19, many people have taken to cycling as a way to stay active, get outside and work on their physical and mental health.

“Going by bike is such a great antidote to COVID. It’s socially distanced, great for your physical and mental health, and we’re really lucky to live where we do,” Nagle said. “We have some great bike trails, some great bike routes and some amazing scenery. It’s a great place to cycle.”

Some of Nagle’s favourite rides in town are a loop down to Hamm Road near Black Creek, or a new trail in the Campbellton Area, depending on whether she’s mountain biking or road biking. However, there are plenty of great places to ride if you’re new to the activity.

“If you’re trying biking for the first time, choose somewhere flat, safe and simple. Places like the parts of the Dogwood bike path, the Main Rail Grade in Beaverlodge or the Seawalk. They are great places to go, somewhere where you don’t feel intimidated by traffic. Get your buddies who cycle to be a companion to you,” she recommends. “Choose somewhere flat and simple for your ride, and then as you get more confident you can start to get more adventurous.”

People can sign up for Go By Bike week at

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