Campbell River event celebrates trail blazing women

Never in our local history have we seen so many women in positions of making key decisions and policies determinations for our region, says the organizer of an event celebrating “Trail Blazing Women.”

It is truly 2018, when we are able to take pride in the fact that we have a woman in the elected position as our Member of Parliament, a woman in the office of Minister of Transport and our representative in the Legislative Assembly, and we currently boast three women in the prized position of holding seats on our municipal council, says Catherine Temple.

We have a woman in charge of running our city, a woman in the position of Economic Development Officer, a woman at the helm of our Coastal Economic Trust and a woman as the Chief Financial Officer for the Regional District. Not only that, but we have two female mayors on the North Island and five women who sit on the board for the Regional District, in addition to the three women who sit on the School District 72 board of directors.

“That is an amazing collection of diverse and influential women who are gaining power over the very decisions that affect our lives every day,” Temple says. “These woman are responsible for setting policy in our North Island Communities, the fact that we have so many women in decision making positions, is a milestone for the elevation of the feminine nature of women in setting the direction for our future on so many levels.”

Clearly women in our region are firmly invested in uniquely distinctive and beneficial positions, an investment worth celebrating, an investment worth sharing. Trail Blazers is a celebration designed to present, guide, direct and encourage the empowerment and advancement of women into power key positions in our society, be they in business or in politics.

The guest speakers of the event are North Island MLA and Minister of Transportation, Claire Trevena, North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney, Strathcona Regional District Chief Financial Officer Myriah Foort, and city councillors Colleen Evans, Michele Babchuk and Marlene Wright.

Trail Blazing Women – being held at the Martime Heritage Centre on Oct. 9 from 6-9:30 p.m. – is all about celebration, it is not a political forum, but a presentation and an open discussion, to learn what steps these ladies took to place them in the positions they hold, the trials, the tribulations, the wins and the losses, the setbacks and the gains and what they would have done differently.

Learn their vision for our collective future, how they plan on taking that personal step to increase their feminine power and what it means to be a trail blazer in 2018.

For tickets to thisn evening of fun and empowerment, of networking and discussion, of entertainment and camaraderie.