A graphic on the Campbell River Community Foundation website shows the funds actually received but the money committed has almost reached $90,000 according to the chair of the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Campbell River Community Foundation

Campbell River COVID-19 Relief Fund close to $100,000 goal

Community Foundation is now accepting application for funds to help those in need

The Campbell River Community Foundation is closing in on its goal of raising $100,000 for its COVID-19 Relief Fund for local organizations.

“It’s quite amazing when people are in tough times they’re still stepping up,” said Dan Wickham, CRCF COVID-19 board member and chair of the COVID-19 Relief Fund task force.

And the foundation is now accepting applications from groups that are offering services to people who could use a helping hand.

The Campbell River Community Foundation announced at the end of March it is allocating $30,000 of its annual community grant funds towards spearheading this initiative. Their goal was to help raise $100,000 that will then be dispersed to registered charities and qualified organizations whose work helps provide relief for those whose lives have in some way been impacted by the coronavirus.

The funds were to be raised and distributed as quickly as possible to organizations such as the Campbell River Food Bank, Grassroots and Kind Hearts, and other related community initiatives that combat the effects of COVID-19 in the greater Campbell River area. All funds distributed will be approved by the Campbell River Community Foundation. These funds are dedicated to this cause and will be released on a continuous basis throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, making it possible to use the resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs.

And the community has responded, Wickham said. A number of businesses and individuals have stepped up to the plate with big donations. The Mailman family, for instance, contributed $25,000 and there have been several $5,000 donations from other companies. Campbell River Daybreak Rotary Club has contributed $4,000. The Wei Wai Kai Nation has also made a significant contribution as well, Wickham said.

Now the fund organizers are reaching out to the organizations of all sizes that are providing services to people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These are often groups helping people who fall through the cracks in terms of receiving help and support from various levels of government.

“What we’re trying to do is fill the gaps here,” Wickham said. “There’s still those people that are still out there doing things – what I say – by hand and they’re down in the trenches and they’re doing wonderful things.”

Wickham believes they are close to having raised $90,000 now and is confident they will reach the $100,000 target soon.

Organizations can apply for assistance by going to the CRCF’s website (www.crfoundation.ca) and accessing the CRCF COVID-19 Relief Fund Application (or just click on that phrase and it will take you to it).

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