Arelene Lihala (left) and Jennifer Olsen embarked on their Bike for the Children tour from Spirit Square to Victoria Aug. 3-4.

Bike for the Children halfway to their goal

They raised $3,500 and they are still working toward their goal of $8,000

Arelene Lihala and Jennifer Olsen embarked on a Bike For The Children tour from Spirit Square in Campbell River to Victoria Inner Harbour, on Aug. 3 and 4.

They had committed to training their bodies and mind to master biking 265 km. For The Children at Chikondi One Heart Angels Orphanage.

The goal is to raise $8,000 for food, health care, education and is urgently needed for their healthy growth is our focus.

The day arrived and the duo was feeling very excited to master their goal, pushing their bodies to the limit. They arrived at Spirit Square at 7 a.m., their bikes were tuned up, pictures were taken, off they went, waving good bye, thinking of the children.

Riding along the ocean on the old Island Highway hearing the waves hit the beach and enjoying the view was beautiful and amazing, Lihala said. The weather was very hot, so they had to keep hydrated. The first day they biked from Campbell River to Nanaimo – 150 km. They made it to the halfway mark, stopping for food and sleep.  They were up early the next morning, legs feeling a little sore but they ate a healthy breakfast and kept going on their journey.

Leaving Nanaimo at 9 a.m., their goal was to bike 115 km. and reach Victoria. The first hill was very steep requiring their concentration to be laser sharp. They notice now a lot of traffic and felt happy they have two pilot cars, one in the front and back.

“Wow, I am now pushing my body to the max, feeling the rhythm of movement and I am one with the bike,” Lihala recalls. “My adrenaline is pumping threw my body and biking faster…almost there! I arrive at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria there are thousands of people to celebrate BC Day, it was breathtaking and I feel so proud standing on the grass knowing that I master the goal to bike 265 km.

“What I know for sure is the feeling of achieving the goal makes my heart feel so much love and joy For The Children.”

They raised $3,500 and they are still working toward their goal of $8,000.

To pledge, contact Lihala at 250-204-3612 and check out our video at