Association celebrates October

The Campbell River and District Association of Community Living (CRADACL) is celebrating October as Community Living Month

The Campbell River and District Association of Community Living (CRADACL) is celebrating October as Community Living Month.

The Association is marking Community Living Month with a second annual salmon barbecue tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Spirit Square.

The Association, a non-profit organization that began in 1961 to advocate for and provide services for people with special abilities, employs more than 150 people who provide early intervention programs, adult day programs, supported living environments, and group homes to the Campbell River area.

The Association’s main goal is to enable these people to attain independence, dignity, and to ensure that their human rights are respected.

Every October, communities throughout British Columbia are encouraged to plan events to acknowledge the gifts and talents that people with special abilities bring to their communities.

This idea was first launched by the members of Community Living BC, and as of June 1998, October was officially designated to recognize and bring awareness to the strengths and achievements of people with special abilities.

Over the next few weeks the Association will be highlighting the different and growing services it has been offering to the people of Campbell River for more than 50 years.

The Association takes great pride in all of the programs it offers, including this week’s featured program, the Adult Programs.

The adult services at the Association vary from day programs, residential settings, and support for employment.

The Association offers two day programs which provide support and teaching in the areas of daily living, social, communication, pre-vocational, recreation, and leisure and provides clients with access to their community.

The Association also offers a number of residential settings for people with special abilities. These range from a seniors assisted living complex, which includes two meals per day, recreational activities and housekeeping services, to staffed group homes.

There are numerous group homes located throughout Campbell River, each with their own unique characteristics and caring environment to help people achieve their optimal level of independence.

As well, a semi-independent setting is also available, giving support to individuals in their own home or apartment, to allow as much independence as possible.

The Association aims to support its clients in all aspects of life and that includes creating opportunities for employment.

There are three main employment programs the Association offers to its clients – customized employment, supported employment, and creative employment.

Through the creative employment program the Association offers a confidential shredding service and boom board service to the community, both run and operated by the clients of the Association.

These employment programs allow individuals to obtain meaningful work in their community.

The Campbell River and District Association is excited about what the future holds as it is always working towards making new goals and positive changes for the people of Campbell River.

The Association thanks all of the businesses who have lent their continued support through the years as well as Community Living British Columbia for its funding for the Association’s programs.