Asking the challenging questions

The Baptist Church has invited some of Canada’s top experts in the area of faith

Want to know the answer to something?

Just google it.

That’s the common phrase now. We rely on the internet to help us solve all sorts of problems.

Have you ever googled a question, and thought to yourself, “wow, this person is really an expert, wish I could find out how they learned that.”

The Baptist Church has invited some of Canada’s top experts in the area of faith, Christianity and how it fits in our world – with a special focus on youth today. Teaming up with the church is the pop group, “Starfield,” who will entertain and engage the local teens.

But as adults, we also wonder how beliefs and faith can fit into our lives, too? We want to believe in something, and many of us do believe in some kind of higher power – but organized religion gives us the impression that we have to be pushed into a box. And what exactly is “organized religion?” Perhaps you’ve  heard what Christian’s believe, but haven’t actually asked one personally how it all works out in their lives.

You may have had some questions growing in the back of your head over the years, but haven’t found a non threatening place to seek out these answers – a place where you can seem anonymous and still listen and seek out some answers.

On Saturday, the Baptist church on Dogwood has designed a day for adults to join in the discussion with these same experts.

A safe place to ask the challenging questions, or just listen.

For complete information, and/or to register for the student day, youth evening and concert, Saturday workshop, or Banquet on Saturday night, go to