Long-time Campbell River Hospice Society board member and current board advisor Helen Garson, board vice president Leslie Palmer and Ken Blackburn, executive director of the Campbell River Arts Council, announced last year the installation of 20 works of original art from the arts council’s collection of donations at the new Hospice House on Evergreen Road. Photo by Mike Davies/Campbell River Mirror File

Art sale supports Campbell River Arts Council’s Art in the Hospital Program

Join the Campbell River Arts Council for an Art Sale in support of their Art in the Hospital Program on Saturday from 12-4 p.m.

A variety of artworks will be made available to the public for purchase as a fundraiser for the Arts Council’s Art in the Hospital Initiative. The artworks are all from donations to the initiative, given with the intent of fundraising.

The Art in the Hospital Project supports ongoing research and integration of the wide spectrum of arts and culture into the supportive, therapeutic and healing processes within the hospital. This integration is viewed as a key contributor to a positive atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors and includes both InReach (in house) programming as well as OutReach (community based) programs. The overall aim is to have the environment of the hospital be viewed as an extension of the community, reflecting the values of respect, compassion and inclusiveness.

The Arts Council promotes the intrinsic value of arts and culture within overall health care service delivery and community quality of life. The sale will take place at the Sybil Andrews Cottage in Willow Point. For more information on the sale or the program, call: 923-0213.