The Timberline Leadership class hopes a message on brown paper bags

Anti drinking-driving message is in the bag

Campbell River students hope their message to not drink and drive gets through

Campbell River students hope their message to not drink and drive gets through to each and every person that purchases alcohol this holiday season.

Students from elementary, middle and high schools in School District 72 have decorated BC Liquor Store paper bags with Christmas art and one very important message – Think of the Kids Don’t Drink and Drive.

The reminder is scrawled on a sticker which is pasted across the bottom of the bags, which will come with every purchase made at a local BC Liquor Store.

“It’s a reminder that you don’t want to drink and drive,” said Terry Philp, who teaches the Timberline Leadership class, which has headed the initiative for 15 years. “We figure if we save one person from drinking and driving then we were successful.”

Philp said students decorated about 3,000 bags this year and more than 70 teachers had their students take part. The bags were distributed to the schools at the end of November and then returned to the Timberline Leadership class on Dec. 9.

Philp said the bags will be turned over to the liquor stores by the end of this week, just in time for the holiday season. Philp said the idea for the bags came from a conference put on by ICBC 15 years ago and since then she has seen first-hand how the message on the bags can really hit home. She said one time at a holiday party herself someone showed up with one of the bags and it quickly became a popular discussion topic.

The paper bags should begin circulating by next week.